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Anne Rees is a David Myers Research Fellow at La Trobe University. Rees is a historian of Australia in the world, and Rees' current research examines Australian women’s transpacific mobility and the impact of United States interwar immigration restriction upon Anglospheric relations. Prior to joining La Trobe, Rees was a Kathleen Fitzpatrick Junior Research Fellow in the Laureate Research Program in International History at the University of Sydney. Rees holds a Ph.D. from the Australian National University and an M.A. from University College London and has been a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University. Rees' research has been published in Pacific Historical Review, Australian Historical Studies, and History Compass. Rees is co-editor of Transnationalism, Nationalism and Australian History (Palgrave, 2017). Rees also runs a website called ‘A Seat at the Table: Australian Women in Global Governance’, a joint initiative of Sydney’s Laureate Research Program in International History and the Harvard-based UN History Project.
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