I was born in LA where I was introduced to photography at a very early age. At the same time I was drawn to the water and surfing, so it was only natural to combine these two loves. When not surfing I would capture images of friends in the water. In 1998 I moved to the Central Coast of California to escape the hustle and bustle of LA and the crowded beaches. Unfortunately, due to a shoulder injury, I was not able to continue surfing so I created RunAmuck Photography in 2011 to maintain a connection to the sport. Since 2011 I have expanded my work to include videography and video production. My passion has taken me to so many great surf breaks in California (Mavericks), Oregon, Mexico, Hawaii or anywhere it may occur. In addition to traveling to document incredible surf talent, I have been blessed to work with several surf organizations like Indo Jax Surf Charities, Surfing for Hope and others. It is my belief that “Life is fun, go out and capture it!”, and so I will continue to do so.

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