Having grown up skateboarding and surfing in Northern California, I'm drawn to the action sports side of photography. The amount of passion, pain, and devotion athletes endure in an effort to "get the shot" is something that has always captivated me, especially in skateboarding. Photography, for me, is a way to not just capture a moment, but capture a memory. Single images can trigger a string of memories, maybe from a boat trip in the South Pacific or a half-pipe session that went down in a friend's backyard. Recollecting is always fun, and it has the ability to shape who we are today. With the introduction of faster frame rates and higher megapixels, different types of photography have evolved or started to become more common, specifically shorebreak work. Shorebreak photography has made me feel like a kid again; it's given me back my youth. I'm filled with feelings of anticipation and excitement when I hear a new swell rumble to life on the reefs out front of my house. Wondering what I have on my memory card when I come home home dripping wet from the day's adventures is one of my favorite things. These are all feeling of excitement and joy, which is why I love photography so much. See more from Christian at

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