Clark McNulty is an avid waterman who has spent significant time honing in his skills diving, fishing and filming offshore in the chain of Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. Clark currently lives and works in Hermosa Beach as a founder of HookBuzz and the non-profit His documentary photos seek to explore the variability of the underwater world. Clark’s work has appeared in the Guy Harvey Magazine, South Bay Magazine, Hawaiian Skindiver, DEEP spearfishing magazine as well as apparel catalogs like the JSLV ’15 look book. In 2001, Clark crewed in Transpacific Yacht Race from San Pedro completing the 2,225 mile nautical race in 8 days, 5 hours, and 3 minutes. His work includes filming for the BBC: Enchanted Kingdom, Cash Money Records, Aaron Sims Company and various Big Game Fishing tournaments around the globe.

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