I've found that life is a constant state of change, full of new experiences and people. Part of the excitement is not only firsthand encounters, but being able to capture, relive and retell stories along the way. My drive to share my experiences and to educate and inspire others led me to begin my professional career as a Science teacher in my hometown in Northern Quebec, Canada. Even though I really enjoyed it, it never felt entirely right. I thought this was my path until I went on a holiday to the Dominican Republic... my life took a drastic turn when I discovered that there were all kinds of people living by the ocean and surfing every single day. And from this moment, I only had one goal in mind... becoming one of them! For the last six years, I've been traveling, never straying too far from the equator. And for the last two years, I've been documenting the ocean's constant state of change while developing a passion for photography. As life on the road feels more and more like home, I'm excited to see where the next journey will lead me...

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