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Claudia is the owner of Venus Goes Gidget. Claudia founded Venus Goes Gidget to bring other ladies the joy she’s found in her passion that is surfing even though at first glance, Claudia is an unlikely surfer. he grew up in a landlocked country (Austria). She’s only started surfing in her twenties when she moved to Australia. Determination and love for the ocean made her come a long way. From her first attempts standing up in the kiddies' corner in North Bondi she worked her way up into the line-up all the way to the South End with the ‘big boys’. She’s even made it into the Austrian Surf National team and came third in the Austrian Surf Championships in 2014. She’s started Venus Goes Gidget as a blog initially and found real joy in sharing her knowledge and insights from her own surf journey. Through Venus Goes Gidget she discovered her passion for teaching and mentoring people and decided to extend Venus Goes Gidget beyond a blog and make it her job to inspire women through surfing.

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