Colin has spent his entire life until now living on Long Island, New York. Currently living in Philadelphia, PA, he's spent the last four years working towards completing a BS in Industrial Design as well as a minor in Composites at Philadelphia University. He's always wanted to make things and made his first board when he was about 14. It was quite possibly the worst board ever made by a human's hands, but from then on, he's been making his own learning from each one. It was actually making surfboards and looking at their construction that got Colin into industrial design as well as composites. Without it, he wouldn’t be where he currently is. Now that he's in Philadelphia, he is a Jersey regular (hour drive), but it’s far from his home in Babylon, NY. The thesis project is something that Colin has wanted to do since he made his first toothpick, and now that it’s becoming a reality, he's really excited to see what can happen. That connection to the ocean has been in his life since he can remember and all these years later it’s still as strong as ever and nothing can change it.

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