I am a 24 year old photographer and filmmaker based in New Jersey. When I was 15, my friends and I would make videos of us surfing, skating, and just being kids. Those little projects fueled my love of photography. Last year, I decided to stop working at my local surf shop in order pursue a career in photography and filming and see where it could take me. As a freelance photographer, I've had the opportunity to take on a wide array of jobs, such as weddings, shooting food for restaurants, and interior design projects. I love the variety of subjects because it constantly challenges me to work with things I have never shot before. While I keep busy with the constant rotation of new work and clients, I like to always have a personal project on the side such as my zines or personal edits. It’s easy to get lost in the work that you do for others, but my personal projects keep me shooting the things I love to shoot.

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