Dylan is a story teller and one to document moments in time. Being a photojournalist, these moments vary between an array of subjects. Though, no matter how many different people he photographs or stories he tells, he will always be at home with the ocean. Dylan was born in 1991 and grew up on the south coast of New South Wales. He picked up his first camera in 2008 and started recording what he liked to see and share with others. As part of his job, he likes working with people to understand situations and to capture the best possible image to convey either a sense of emotion or whatever it is people need to see. A great image to him is not one that necessarily follows the rules, but one that moves the viewer in one way or another and accurately shows what it is meant to. Dylan gathers a sense of solitude and belonging when in the presence of the ocean. These images are a small summary of the power and calmness of what surfing life is about to him.

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