My name is Eddie Compo. I was born and bred on America’s East Coast. The Mid-Atlantic is my backyard, but I’ve resided in Virginia since birth. Growing up, I’ve always had an obsession with the ocean and the outdoors. I love exploring and getting immersed into my surroundings. The east coast has so much on offer. There are numerous uninhabited barrier islands, nature reserves, artificial reefs, rock slabs, and outer shoals. There are places where you can surf completely alone except for the wild horses on the beach or the bald eagles above. There’s plenty of Wild out there, you just have to seek it out. A few years ago, a friend and I started a film project based on that concept called The WildLyfe, and it’s pretty much consumed my life. I'm very fortunate to be able to chase every swell that pops up and to be able to do so with my best friends is amazing. Truly blessed! You can see more at The

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