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Ella Boyd is a writer for POWDER Magazine as well as a freelance surf writer and photographer. Raised on the coast of Maine, Ella moved out west for college, where she graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy and Media Studies from Scripps College. After a stint on Oahu interning with renowned surf photographer Tommy Pierucki, Ella skipped graduation to move to the North Shore. Since then, she has chased waves all over the world in places such as Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the U.S. In 2023, Ella was one of five finalists for the Follow The Light Surf Photography Grant Program.

Ella’s work has been published in The Surftime Journal, DAYBREAK, SURFER Magazine, Jack Journal, ROVA Magazine, and has been used by EMOCEAN, Hobie, Griffin Colapinto, Reef Heazlewood, and Soleil Errico, among others. Ella also works part-time for Matt Warshaw at the Encyclopedia of Surfing where she is honored to have interviewed surfing icons such as Lynne Boyer, Becky Benson, Shirley Rogers, and Vicki Flaxman.

She mostly logs, but sometimes kneeboards or uses a surf mat when the conditions call for it.

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