Title: Contributing Writer

Email: evanquarnstrom@gmail.com

Location: Roaming the globe; Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California.

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Surfing, Travel, Outdoors

Years in This Expertise: 9+

Education & Certifications

Education: BA in International Business with emphasis in Latin America, San Diego State University

Years of Writing: 9+


Evan Quarnstrom is a freelance writer specializing in surf, the outdoors, travel, and the NBA. He previously worked as the Marketing and Media Manager of the International Surfing Association (ISA) from 2015-2021. He grew up in the quiet surf town of Santa Cruz, California where he developed a connection to the ocean and nature. That’s where he picked up his love for surfing, skimboarding, snowboarding, volleyball, hiking, and playing guitar. Evan moved to San Diego at 18 years old to attend San Diego State University. He graduated in 2014 with a degree in International Business. Evan’s current passions in life include studying languages and traveling the world. He’s been to 32 countries and counting and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Career Highlights

  • Planning and implementing a media and communications plan for surfing’s debut inclusion in the Olympics at Tokyo 2020 that made surfing one of the most popular “new” sports in the Games.
  • 150+ stories published across surf, outdoors, travel, and local news publications.
  • Managing media production and communications strategy of 25+ ISA events across four continents.
  • Blogger covering the Golden State Warriors.
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