Nestled in the sweaty crease between surf, tattoo and graffiti art, Fieldey paints surfboards the likes of which have not been seen. She was born in New Zealand in the 80's but a move to Norfolk Island as a child kindled her interest in the ocean. Upon moving to Perth, Western Australia in 2007, she learned to surf and decided to custom-paint her own board. The rest as they say, is history. Since then Fieldey has painted dozens of surfboards and skateboards, cars, bowling pins and a 2.4m remote-controlled jet boat. She has been interviewed for magazines, blogs and websites, created artwork for the 2014 Iron Fist ladies range and been sponsored by a graffiti paint brand to produce a series of YouTube Tutorials. Her popular YouTube channel Fieldey TV, and blog tutorials have helped to make her a rising star in the surf art scene. You can see more of Fieldey's work at or deck your board out with a piece of Fieldey awesomeness at if you want to paint your own board check out Fieldey TV for inspiration and tutorials.

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