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Harley Rose Taich was born on July 13, 1995 in La Jolla, California. Harley began swimming at five months of age and routinely enjoyed the warm waters of Hanalei Bay. Surf, sand and the mother ocean provided comfort to Harley and she was filled with great joy to receive a pink surfboard on her fourth birthday which her father shaped. Harley surfed competitively from age eight until age fifteen when she sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) during a competition. Four years post injury, Harley no longer competes, but support, encourages and shares her story with others suffering and recovering from similar injuries. Initially, it was her intention to educate others of brain injury awareness, however she quickly realized most intentions are limitations. Intentions come from the ego and actually limit what is possible in life. Once Harley no longer felt victim of this tragic accident, she felt more powerful than she ever felt possible and was able to direct her life in the direction she wanted to go. Harley is not in control, but she has choices and has received inspiration greater than any ego. Harley is now an inspiration to many around the world, providing daily feedback and support to many inquiries she receives on her blog, facebook and site daily. Harley enjoys a pescatarian diet, cooking and shares many healthy, clean recipes posted on her blog, Harley rose - Home. Her travels include Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti, Fiji and El Salvador. Today you may find Harley surfing Blacks, Windansea, Southbird or anywhere the salty waves are breaking on the sandy beaches. This entire experience has been the largest wave she could ever have imagined! I,m not a doctor or nutrtionist, anything like that but Im just sharing my experience and what has helped me in my recovery… For more information, please visit

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