Faculty in Anthropology, University of Rhode Island

Hilda Lloréns is a cultural anthropologist whose regional specialization is the Hispanic Caribbean and Latino/a US. In her work, she uses an eclectic methodological and theoretical toolkit from cultural semiotics, visual anthropology, linguistic anthropology, grounded, decolonial, race and gender theory, among others. Central to her work is the elucidation of the intersectional workings of race, gender, and class in a range of “social sites.” To date her research “sites” include “Afro-Puerto Ricans,” the “Latina body,” “Latina youth,” “cultural production and representations” (i.e. painting, photography, films, plays, novels, poetry, television, music, etc.), “national myths,” the “elementary school curriculum,” and the “U.S. census.” Currently, she is investigating environmental racism, injustice, and women’s activism in Puerto Rico.

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