Jake Zlotnick grew up working and surfing in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He started shooting in-water photography for Stacey’s Surf Camp in Margate, New Jersey. It didn’t take long until Jake figured out that the thrill in surf photography came from swimming out into big waves and and shooting talented surfers, as opposed to shooting beginners on knee high wash. Jake eventually left South Jersey to attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he studies Oceanography and Climate. Wilmington is an amazing city full of interesting and passionate people. There are a few classic waves in southeast North Carolina, though epic days are not as common. Luckily for him, the world class waves of Hatteras are only five hours away. Jake makes the drive when he can get off from bussing tables at the Port Land Grille. Having just turned 20, Jake decided it was time to fully chase his dream of becoming a pro surf photographer, and applied for an internship at a surf camp in Nicaragua. He was awarded the position, and will be down at Giants Foot Surf Camp in September of 2015.

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