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Point Mugu Lifeguard 4 Years Now Worldwide

Jared Aufrichtig is a Multidiscipline Fine Artist, Photographer, Musician/DJ, Writer, Filmmaker & Philanthropist creating and exploring his “Expressions©.” Originally from Long Beach, California, he now moves about the globe immersed in art, music, surfing and skateboarding while searching out the connections and parallels between them. Jared has worked with numerous NGOs and facilitated a number of creative development projects. Jared’s list of accomplishments extend to being one of the original artists involved in WIP (Work In Progress), a major New York club development trying to recreate the infamous “MUDD CLUB”, as well as managing a successful charity art auction held during Art Basel Miami. He recently released a large coffee table book called Expressions Book One South Africa. Instagram: @Expressions_Aufrichtig ...and more from Jared here

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