Jess Abraham is a 19 year old conservationist from the beautiful Queensland coastline of Australia. She has been heavily involved with ocean conservation efforts the last three years, going down many different avenues to try and protect the big blue. Jess began volunteering with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society when she was 16, as well as running beach clean-ups, assembly presentations on litter and organising ocean conservation benefit concerts throughout high school. Jess now co-runs Tidal Magazine, a youth publication showcasing young people doing rad things in the areas of surfing, skating, art, fashion, music and culture. 100% of the funds from Tidal are also going directly to Sea Shepherd. More recently, Jess has become the face of the ECO. Clean Beach Initiative, an Australian campaign which aims to encourage young people to understand the importance of a healthy ocean and develop the passion to want to protect it.
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