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I was born 1982 behind Froghouse surf shop in Newport Beach, and spent my days hanging out with the boys at the shop, skateboarding, surfing river jetties, and learning the do’s and don’ts of the surf world. TK, the shop owner and side-kick BEHO (mentors) took me in at a very young age to show me the ropes of the business, the ways of the ocean, and help nurture my curiosity of this industry. After my many attempts to break into the inside of the action sports world, I found myself with a pretty sweet marketing position at Volcom where I learned a lot about how things work internally, and most importantly, I met some very great people. I had the privilege of working with a mix of some of the best athletes in the world and the best retailers in this business, which helped me to gain valuable knowledge and expertise on how this machine works. It is these inspirations that partly led to my decision to start my own brand Dontcare . Dontcare is brand of against-the-grain apparels, novelties, and whatnots designed to create a sense of doing your own thing despite what others think. “Cool” or not, do what you want to do–that is what we are about. For more insight on the brand, check out our site dontcare.com or bandofmartians.com (showroom) and follow us on instagram @_dont_care_.

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