After graduating high school, John commenced a fine arts degree where he studied photography for the first time. After only one year, he heard the call of the wild and answered. He spent four years surfing and traveling the world before returning home at 23 to commence further studies. After three more years, he received his Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia with a major in Advertising. Soon after, he began his career as a writer for one of the state's largest advertising agencies, where he worked for four years. Yet, despite the glitz and glamour of the advertising world, something felt like it was missing. As if perfect timing, a golden opportunity to follow his passion for photography presented itself and he jumped at it. He packed up his life, put it all on the line and moved out to the Mentawai Islands three years ago where he has since worked as a photographer and a surf guide for a land-based camp–Pitstop Hill Mentawai. He has loved every second of it.

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