Photographer/Founder, Mackie Studios

Karl Mackie lives with his wife and their two little groms on the north coast of Cornwall. It’s a beautiful place to live in the UK, as there is a really creative and soulful community with plenty of waves throughout the year. Karl's love of the sea and photography go hand in hand and he spends a lot of his time shooting mainly film, in and around the surf scene wherever he might be in the world. He's an obsessive maker of things – be it surfboards, handplanes, picture frames or wooden crate shelves. It's one of life's great hidden pleasures. In real terms, Karl founded, and runs the creative agency Mackie Studio where he maintains that the passion he has always felt from the ocean, art, photography and surfing in all it’s mediums flows from the roots of the business. Clients and collaborations in the surf world are Noosa Longboards, Neon Wetsuits, Kite Surfing, Surfers Path, kelp etc. You can catch him regularly on his only addiction, Instagram - @mackie_studio And check out more about the studio here -

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