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Kevin Strickland is a New Jersey based surf photographer / videographer who grew up surfing the beaches of Monmouth County. Kevin got behind the lens of his first camera not long after graduating from high school and quickly fell in love with documenting the everchanging sandbars and breaks of his home state. His inspiration comes from surfers who froth out whether it’s knee high or head high, and a love of the process that goes into getting a board under a surfer's feet. In 2005 Kevin began working with good friend (and even better shaper), John Oppito, to create a NJ-based board company, Rozbern Surf. Rozbern Surf's aim is to create hand-crafted, high-performance boards for the North East all while while maintaining as environmentally friendly processes as possible. Surf Photography gives him the opportunity to promote Rozbern, travel, meet new people and share his experiences.

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