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Leila Hurst born in 1993 on the island of Kauai was raised amongst the elite of the surfing world....Bruce and Andy Irons and Keala Kennelly to name a few and in the shores of some of the toughest surf brakes in the world. She started competing early and was sponsored by Billabong by the age of 9. Leila did very well and quickly became a part of the Hawaii World Junior team and in 2009 won the NSSA Nationals Explorer Womens. Around this time she signed with Vans and is currently their only female surfer, winning their Vans Triple Crown of surfing "Rookie of the Year" in 2010. In the midst of her successes, Leila felt a responsibility to her sister, born with a spinal defect. Of recently, Leila has been brainstorming ways to incorporate her sister and others alike, giving them the chance to experience surfing for the first time. Partnering with Life Rolls on, Leila and her sister were given that first chance. Life Rolls On is a non-profit organization that inspires others to see the boundless possibilities beyond paralysis. Established in 2002, LRO's signature adaptive surfing program, They Will Surf Again, has grown into a catalyst of hope for thousands of individuals throughout the world.

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