Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington

Mackenzie Gerringer earned her PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Hawaii in 2017 and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Friday Harbor Labs, University of Washington in the Summers Lab. Her research centers on the physiology and ecology of the planet’s deepest-living fishes. As a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, she studied drivers of depth zonation in the hadal zone, depths ranging 6,000 – 11,000 meters. Her research interests lie with the extreme adaptations of fishes to life in the amazing pressures, cold temperatures, and eternal darkness of deep-sea trenches. Through comparative techniques in functional morphology, cellular physiology, energetics, age and growth studies, and diet analysis, she investigates the adaptations and notable success of snailfish (Family Liparidae) in the hadal zone. She is passionate about sharing her excitement for the deep sea with others, including through teaching students and the broader public.

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