Surfrider Coastal Preservation Manager

My passion at the Surfrider Foundation revolves around the incredibly dedicated people who volunteer to protect their little piece of the coast. I'm stoked every day I get to use my skills and talents to empower our chapters and activists. I've long had a connection with the ocean. I grew up in Florida as a Navy brat, always living in beach towns and able to play in the water. I was drawn to the waves even as a youngster, when at the ripe old age of 5, I decided I would walk a few miles on my own to get to the beach. Luckily I had to pass by a firehouse before crossing any busy streets and they brought me inside. Of course I wouldn't give my name to a stranger – until they bribed me with ice cream – but I finally made it home safe and sound. I went to college to learn how the ocean and beaches work, making sure to get plenty of surf sessions between classes. I'm constantly fascinated by waves and how they interact with the shore to change our coastlines. When I came to work at Surfrider over 10 years ago I got to take what I learned about the barrier islands of the East Coast and compare it with the cobble stones and bluffs of the West Coast. Now I provide our chapters with an understanding of beach processes, shoreline structures and erosion. I provide technical and policy guidance for the environmental campaigns they undertake. I've also picked up a few computer tricks over the years and manage Beachapedia, our coastal wiki (you should sign up and contribute). The Surfrider Foundation is made up of people who care about the coast. If you're reading this then I'm guessing that describes you. I encourage you to find your local chapter and see how you can get involved. And by the way, I can still be bribed with ice cream.

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