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Born in Norway. Grew up in North Dakota. Not exactly the traditional background of a California surfer. Mark ended up in Santa Barbara, California for University unexpectedly but miraculously didn’t start surfing until he was in his mid-twenties. However, with a background in skating & snowboarding, it was a natural progression for him. Mark was forced to learn on the fun, closed out beaches of LA before moving to Australia and then back to Orange County, CA. Mark has worked for Surfline, Surfer Magazine, Adaptive Surfing, and is now with The Inertia as the President of Partnerships. Mark also splits his time between the States and Europe and owns a surf guest house called Oasis with his wife in Lanzarote of the Canary Islands. Mark and his wife, Lydia, also run their own social media influencer platform known as @TheStokeLife.

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