Lecturer in Coastal Sediment Dynamics, Bangor University

am a lecturer in Coastal Sediment Dynamics in the School of Ocean Sciences, and specialise in the morphological evolution of the inter-tidal and shallow sub-tidal regions of the coastal ocean. I graduated from Plymouth University in 2002 with a BSc in Ocean Science and completed my PhD in gravel beach morphodynamics at Loughborough University in 2005. I have subsequently been a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at: Plymouth University (2005 - 2007, Cross-shore sediment transport on sandy beaches); Loughborough University (2007, Dust generation on an Arctic pro-glacial flood plain); before returning once again to Plymouth (2007 - 2010, Impacts of offshore wave energy arrays on seabed and shoreline processes; and 2010 - 2013, Dynamics of rip currents and implication for beach safety).

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