I’ve always had a passion for the ocean. It is the only thing that calms me down and keeps me sane; that’s why surfing and water became such a huge part of my life. Getting into surf photography was a struggle, so I started selling some of my belongings. But you know what I never got rid of? The things that kept me connected to the ocean. I grew up in Venezuela where all of my spare time was devoted to traveling and being in the ocean with my family and friends, and maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable in it. Growing up there was pretty rough. My country was becoming more and more dangerous every day, and the comfortable feeling that I had was disappearing. So I moved to Costa Rica, and that’s where I found my passion for surf photography. I sold my motorcycle and bought a new camera and some lenses. Since then, I’ve been shooting what I enjoy the most and my camera has become a big part of my life. But it’s also a big part of why my savings start getting in trouble. When I finished university in Costa Rica I decided to move to California, where the surf industry is at. I sold my car to pay for two action surf photography workshops, one in the North Shore with Brian Bielmann and the other one in Puerto Rico with Art Brewer. It was the best way to meet two of the most important photographers in the surf industry and I also got the chance to learn from them. My passion is still growing and it’s not going to stop. Every day I feel more excited about what I do, and that’s how I want to feel for the rest of my life: excited to live every day doing something that I love.

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