As both a former senior editor for Surfing magazine and former editor-in-chief of SURFER magazine Sam George, 58, has been writing about the sport for over 30 years and is acknowledged as one of the sport’s leading experts. George has written and/or directed a number of acclaimed surfing documentaries, including the Sundance hit Riding Giants, Pipeline Masters, The Lost Wave: An African Surf Story and Hollywood Don’t Surf, which premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Sam’s latest documentary Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau, premiered at the 2013 Tri Beca Film Festival and in October, 2013 aired as part of ESPN’s prestigious “30 for 30” documentary series. It won two major audience awards at the Maui International Film Festival, including “The Movie That Mattered Most” the 2013 SURFER Magazine Poll for “Best Film” and most recently won a 2014 Emmy Award for “Best Sports Documentary”. Sam has written and edited more than half a dozen books on the subject of surfing, including Surfing: A Way Of Life (1992), Surfing (1994), Tom Blake: Surfing 1922-1932, The Perfect Day: 40 Years of SURFER Magazine (2001 Surf Life (2003). SURFER 50 (2010) and The Big Juice (2011) Between film projects Sam works guiding international surf trips and since July 2008 has led a series of innovative academic expeditions to the remote islands off West Sumatra where he taught a fully accredited university journalism course to ten lucky surfer/students. Those waters are familiar to him, Sam having sailed on a series of dramatic humanitarian relief missions following the devastating Indonesian earthquake and tsunami in 2004. One of the sport’s most well-traveled surfers, Sam has explored the coastlines of over 40 countries, riding waves on every continent save Antarctica. On one of his latest adventures he rode waves near the Arctic Circle on the north coast of Iceland. A former professional competitor Sam was also one of the pioneers of stand-up paddle surfing and is currently the Senior Editor of SUP Magazine. He still competes in various stand-up paddle surf races, accruing a number of age group victories.

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