PT/DPT/CMT/SFMA-/Founder, Surfer’s Edge Physical Therapy

As a healthcare provider, Shane Carpenter is committed to helping people stay in the water surfing throughout one’s lifespan. Realizing that surfing provides tremendous physiological and psychological health benefits is what drove Shane to start her practice, Surfer’s Edge Physical Therapy. Her professional background includes a clinical doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from Chapman University in Orange, CA, a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology from University California Santa Cruz, and a certification in massage therapy. She actively uses Selective Functional Movement Analysis with her clients so that she can look at whole-body movement patterns when rehabilitating and preventing future injuries. Shane's other interests include pursuing surf-related research in collaboration with Cal State San Marcos investigating heart-rate response in recreational surfing, as well as paddling mechanics. Additionally, she works to help keep our beaches in Southern California through our smaller business off-shoot: Cleanup at Water’s Edge.

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