My name is Shayne Stadnick, I am a photographer and surfer based on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I grew up in the mountains of British Columbia but after my first warm waves abroad I traded in the snow for the ocean. Well, sometimes it's both at the same time here in Canada. I travel when I can, surf when it's good, and shoot when the light allows. We get our best waves at the same time as the most rain and shortest daylight hours, and that's what makes the good days so dang good! It's cold, dark, the path is muddy and the trees are tall. When the rain stops, the clouds part, and the sun peeks through it's one of the most beautiful places I've seen and I'm lucky to call this place home and be able to document some of these waters with my camera. Hope you enjoy. See more from Shayne at, on Instagram, and on Facebook

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