Shelby has a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry. As a natural born athlete, her innate passion for movement and play is at the heart of her teaching. The California native grew up swimming, surfing, snowboarding, adventuring outdoors and playing competitive team sports. She played and coached Division 1 softball at UC Santa Barbara and received her degrees in Sociology and Exercise Science. Her experience as a student-athlete, combined with her level of education and dedication to an active lifestyle guided her instinctively into the fitness industry. After years of self-study and self-healing, Shelby now implements alignment-based yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition, postural awareness, functional movement, bodywork and visceral manipulation into her collective wellness system. Her personal path to vibrant health, happiness and self-healing was greatly enriched through the process of befriending her body and developing a practice of being fully present. She now collaborates with elite physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other movement specialists to address pain, injury and trauma. Her brand is built on gratitude, awareness, honest self-study, playfulness, dedication and optimistic perspective. She is an advocate for radical self-acceptance and owning your story before attempting to create a new one. Her teaching style is passionate and fiery, but also light-hearted and compassionate. Her mission is to educate, through movement and awareness, the limitless potential of the body, mind and breath.

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