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John John makes $6 mil a year for doing this. Kim K makes more than 10 times that for doing, well, this.

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The surf world, especially the competitive surf world, is rife with embellishment. But for all the pageantry, surfing is absolutely minuscule – despite what a session at pumping Lowers or Malibu might lead you to conclude.

Nothing illustrates the point better than cold hard dollars and cents. Recall that back when John John Florence joined the Hurley squad in 2013, he became the highest paid surfer in the world – with a contract rumored around $4 million a year. One can only conclude that such a salary was made possible in no small part to Nike backing Hurley financially. With every other brand that puts bones in John’s account and his winnings, the defending world champ averages somewhere around $6 million a year. Not bad.

But $6 mil a year is absolutely paltry compared to reality TV queens the Kardashians that became famous for, what was it again? Their dad defended OJ or something?

According to an incredibly depressing calculator that will tell you how quickly every Kardashian makes your salary, it takes Kim (the highest earning of the Kardashians) only 42 days to make what John John makes. That’s more than a $1.50 per second of every hour of every day. That is to say, while John John’s stomping gigantic full rotations and progressing the sport of surfing to new heights, the Kardashians are raking in cash hand over fist for, er, seriously what do they do?


If that doesn’t depress you, type in your salary here and, well, prepare to be shocked. Seriously… what do they do?

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