Castles and barrels, must be Portugal. Sam Einstein. Photo: Luke Dawson

Castles and barrels, must be Portugal. Sam Einstein. Photo: Luke Dawson

The Inertia

Well… here we are. The Trump era is set to begin. All that are shocked at the outcome were either in denial, gleefully ignorant of the polls/trends, or a combination of both. Publications such as the Huffington Post went so far as to claim Clinton had a 98% chance of winning several days ago. The media bubble knew no bounds and left many people feeling blindsided by the final result.

And with a Republican majority in both the Senate and the House, Trump taking the reigns has potentially catastrophic implications. The Iran nuclear deal? Obamacare? “Knocking the hell out of ISIS”? The wall? Fascism? The global economy? The Paris climate agreement? Defaulting on the national debt? The Supreme Court vacancies? Democracy? The list of monumental decisions this sociopathic buffoon will be influencing goes on and on.

You reap what you sow, and the DNC has only themselves to blame. Now, however, the bubble has officially burst and people are beginning to brace for impact. While it is unclear how this reality show-level debacle will play out, over the course of the election there was a lot of big talk coming from Dems and celebrities about what they would do if Trump were to win. Namely, leave.

Jump ship and flee to Canada.


Flee to Mexico.

Hop on a spaceship to Jupiter.

For all you surfers out there thinking about bailing, the least you can do is move temporarily for the sake of getting educated and absolutely barreled in Lisbon, Portugal. Especially if you’ve been looking for a reason to finally make the move abroad, why not turn a negative into some positive motivation?


Sam Einstein at Supertubos. Photo: Monica Santos

Trump can’t get you from here. Sam Einstein at Supertubos. Photo: Monica Santos

Consider this: the imminent donkey show that the future Trump presidency will be is, at minimum, four years long. Earning a master’s degree in another country or completing shorter courses may be the perfect way to distance yourself enough to shed any moral culpability or attachment to what goes on in Trumpland. Not to mention, you can get piped off your nutter whenever the mood strikes you.

SurfScholar offers the promise of a high quality master’s degree in Lisbon, Portugal, all the while shredding the waves of your life. SurfScholar’s partner university, ISCTE Business School, has representatives from the US Embassy located on campus, and can facilitate getting a student visa. Not to mention the variety of English taught master’s programs on offer. And if committing to a two-year master’s degree is too much, or you’d prefer to work abroad and expatriate yourself like your forefathers would have wanted, SurfScholar has partnerships with separate Lisbon institutions that offer a 9-week learn to code boot camp and a 4-week CELTA English teacher certification course. Either would give you the practical skills necessary to work abroad for as long as you want (presumably between the next 4 and 8 years).

Perfect waves and an affordable, high-quality education in one of Europe’s most dynamic capital cities… or Trump? Your call!

What wall? SurfScholars enjoying a Lisbon rooftop sunset. Photo: Luke Dawson

What wall? SurfScholars enjoying a Lisbon rooftop sunset. Photo: Luke Dawson

For more information on SurfScholar, check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram (#surfscholar).


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