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A Cambodian woman on a recent trip with Jedidiah/MFG. Photo: Aaron Chang

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It’s no secret, clothing brands exist to make money. Marketing campaigns, sponsorships, contests, they are all a means to secure more revenue. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that a business won’t last without making a profit. But it’s what is done with the sales that tend to distinguish companies from each other. Made For Good is a collaborating of different brands that have joined together to use a percentage of their sales to provide help and resource to those in need. These are not non-profit organizations, but rather companies that have embedded into their business plans the concept of giving.

Kevin Murray is the CEO of the humanitarian-based fashion company Jedidiah. His desire to use his business as a platform to give back was a driving force in the development of Made For Good. I caught up with Kevin to learn a little more about this “embedded model of giving.”

 DH: How did Made For Good come about?

Kevin Murray: Made For Good (MFG) was born out of the business model we have in place here at Jedidiah. Our mission is to use apparel sales as a vehicle to provide care, support and financial resources to those in need. We do this on a seasonal basis and choose a new nonprofit partner twice a year. Many times we finished these partnerships feeling like there was still so much more to do. Then came MFG.


 DH: What is the purpose of Made For Good?

KM: MFG was created to establish long term partnerships with our nonprofit partners. For us it is not about building a single brand, like Jedidiah. It is more about building the business model and creating more avenues of giving. We work with each partner and help them develop a brand of their own. This process not only helps raise revenue for them, but it also helps them raise awareness and engage their support base in a new, creative way. And our biggest hope is that it brings new eyes and new supporters to the great work they are doing for those less fortunate.

 DH: What are some of the projects that Made For Good brands have been involved with?

KM: A new partnership for 2012 is the brand GIVEN, which is inspired by World Vision. We have been big supporters of World Vision for many years and now we have the chance to enhance their brand and create a sustainable donation model through the sale of GIVEN clothes.

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