Associate Editor

The Inertia

How long ago do you think Kelly Slater stopped having to walk into surf shops like the rest of us to buy boards, wax, new clothes, and accessories? At least a few decades, I’ll bet. So imagine the surprise of shoppers in Huntington Beach and Dana Point when KS himself popped into Huntington Surf and Sport, Jacks, and Hobie a few weeks ago to check out the displays of Outerknown‘s new line “Project Nomadic,” give out high fives, and take photos.

Kelly stands in the shadow of the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue in front of Huntington Surf & Sport in Huntington Beach. Photo: Outerknown

“Surf fans, our workers, and all of us were super stoked to see Kelly at Huntington Surf & Sport!” said Aaron Pai, owner of HSS. “Outerknown is the real deal with Kelly as an owner! We wish Outerknown much love and good fortune in the future.”

Since the foot injury, that seems to be Kelly’s schtick – show up in random places (see also Mark Cunningham’s Newport Art Show, and the GOAT’s New Jersey holiday), and blow minds. To be fair, this one was more of a PR stunt for Outerknown. But, hey, all the surf shop staff and customers that managed to get autographs and take selfies didn’t seem to care much.


The team at Hobie in Dana Point looks psyched. Photo: Outerknown