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Kolohe and the swoosh surfers will be migrating to Hurley. Photo: Jason Kenworthy

The Inertia

Seeing swooshes on surfboards was fun while it lasted. However, today, reported that Nike has chosen to focus on skateboarding and snowboarding while transitioning its surf operations and sponsored athletes to Costa Mesa-based subsidiary, Hurley. This comes after Nike announced its decision to halt sponsorship of the U.S. Open of Surfing in September.

Hurley’s Founder and CEO, Bob Hurley, told that Nike has elected to intensify its focus in surf – just through the lens of Hurley, which, according to Nike’s website reported earnings of $248 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012. Nike reported $6.5 billion in revenues in Q4, the largest revenue quarter in NIKE, Inc.’s history.

“This strategy re-alignment further validates why I believe Nike is such a tremendous partner with Hurley,” CEO Bob Hurley told “We have the talent and desire to compete hard, as well as the resources and focus to continue to be inspired by athletes and kids. I could not be more excited and energized by the next phase of our adventure.”

If nothing else, expect to see a lot of Hurley surfers (including Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore, and Kolohe Andino) on podiums in the coming year.


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