20 years in the game and I’m still having ALL OF THE FUN. Grateful. @redbulltv #lolla đź“·@jeremydeputat

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If you’ve ever watched action sports on television there’s a good chance you’ve heard or seen Sal Masekela. With a rich, deep voice and a gift for gab, Sal’s been a beloved commentator, journalist, musician, producer, and philanthropist for a long time now. He hosted the X Games for 13 years, VICE’s World of Sports, E!’s Daily 10, the FIFA World Cup when it was in South Africa. Today, he hosts NBC’s Red Bull Signature Series, has his own production company, and is working with National Geographic. He’s as much of a renaissance man as the action sports world has ever seen.

Above all else, he is an amazing storyteller. He moved from New York to San Diego and discovered surfing. From there, he paved a path for himself as a broadcaster in the action sports scene, eventually deciding to pursue making his own music. The way he tells these stories will draw you in.

Here, we talk about being an outsider, his relationship with his dad, South African jazz icon, Hugh Masekela, why he decided to make his own music, and how others can pursue their own passions.

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