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The Skyplex Surf Park will sit atop Orlando's new massive development, with 3 wave pools, cabanas, and a beach area.

The Skyplex Surf Park will sit atop Orlando’s new massive development, with 3 wave pools, cabanas, and a beach area.

The Inertia

As if man made waves didn’t already turn enough heads and perk up enough ears, Florida’s Sky Surf Park at Skyplex promises to be the most unique version yet. A partnership between American Wave Machines and the newly proposed Skyplex is going to place a full surf park with three wave pools ten stories high.

The park will be just one of the attractions at Skyplex, which will have a 350-room hotel, a 501-foot tall roller coaster, a zip line, drop ride, and more than 300,000 square feet of entertainment retail.  American Wave Machines engineers two pools: a standing wave called SurfStream, and a surf pool called Perfect Swell. PerfectSwell is described on AWM’s website as an “authentic” surfing experience with a pool that requires a medium to large footprint and the ability to control the wave size, duration and frequency through any smartphone or tablet. It’s designed to replicate any point break, beach break and reef, which they say makes it capable of producing “the waves necessary for the highest levels of competitive surfing outside of the ocean.” A separate news release revealed the park will be able to host sanctioned surf contests, but the park at Skyplex will feature the Surfstream standing wave. Surfstream is the unique standing wave that allows riders to use real surfboards on a fully adjustable endless wave.

“With surfing as one of the most aspirational of all sports and recreations, and with Orlando being one of the most visited cities in the world, Sky Surf Park will become a leading out-of-ocean surf destination,” said Bruce McFarland, founder and president, American Wave Machines. “The iconic concept put forth by SkyPlex Orlando owners aligns with our vision for premium surf destinations in urban environments.”


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