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That is one fancy-ass board. Photo: Gisele

That is one fancy-ass board. Photo: Gisele

The Inertia

There really isn’t much more to this than one of the most beautiful women in the world duck diving a wave before a montage of happy/serious/intent emotions we’re hardly privy to. But, with that being said, there really isn’t much more we need or want — though the supermodel digging into a couple hard cutbacks would fly us over the moon for sure.

So who do we think shapes her/Chanel’s boards? And do they let her wax it before going out? Or do they tell her that they need it clean in all its glassed glamour for aesthetics-purposes and to suck it up? We guess we’ll find out on October 15 when the entire full-length short by Australian director Baz Luhrmann comes out…

From catwalk to boardwalk... Photo: Chanel

From catwalk to boardwalk… Photo: Chanel


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