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Surfing magazine will be merged into Surfer magazine.

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In a huge shakeup of action sports media, Surfing magazine will cease to exist as a standalone title, and its resources will be merged into Surfer magazine, according to multiple sources who confirmed the move to The Inertia staff.

All the publications are owned by Southern California-based The Enthusiast Network, a media company that operates numerous print and online titles covering motorsports, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, SUP, mountain biking, BMX, and more.

And if that news weren’t enough to swallow, The Enthusiast Network is reportedly carrying out a similar merger in snowboarding media, as Snowboarder magazine will cease to print but will apparently still operate digitally on some level given that the title has created iconic events like Superpark. Transworld Snowboarding will continue to print its magazine. TEN also shuttered the print facet of Canoe and Kayak magazine, one of the longest running paddlesports magazines in the country.

Longtime Surfing magazine photo editor Peter Taras, who is widely respected as a champion and mentor of premium surf imagery, confirmed the merger. “It’s a bummer,” he shared via email.


The changes will be effective beginning next month, according to news reports. No more information is available about the mergers at this time. The legacy surf publications have not reported the news to their audiences, nor has The Enthusiast Network.

Surfing magazine, with a focus on high performance and competitive surfing, has been in print for 53 years.

SURFING Magazine passed away Monday morning at its home in Carlsbad, CA, surrounded by friends and family. It was 53. SURFING is survived by hundreds of editors, writers, photographers and artists, thousands of fans and the millions of people it touched over its half-century run. “ING” will be greatly missed. // Long before I ever worked there, SURFING Magazine taught me about surf culture, inspired me and gave me a reason to check the mailbox each month. At SDSU, it entertained me between classes as I “mag mooched” at the Aztec Center. After college, when I realized I didn’t want to pursue what college had prepped me for, it kept me excited to travel, to surf and to write. Then, by some twisted fortune I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand, it gave me a job. Not just a job, but a clear path away from surf lessons, substitute teaching and bussing tables, toward a creative, invigorating and FUN career. I refer to the magazine as “it,” but that just represents the sum of the people that worked there. Truly amazing people that taught me, inspired me, challenged me and gave me a seven-year gift that I will keep close to my heart, always. Thank you, ING, what an incredible run. // (Honestly though, SURFING was young at her core — she probably wouldn’t have wanted to be so old, anyway) @surfing #surfingmagazine

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