Marketing Strategist and Clean Water Advocate

Oli Russell-Cowan is the Founder & CEO of Rad Season

The Inertia

Oli Russell-Cowan is one of the most hardworking guys in the action sports industry right now. You probably haven’t heard the name, but he simply lives and breathes adventure. Exactly one year ago he set out to start his own business after touring around Latin America with no idea of the adventures and events going on that might interest him while he was there. He felt there needed to be one hub of epic events in surf, snow, music, and culture. Knowing there is always something epic going on around the world, the Sydney-based startup Rad Season was born.

Through strategic conversations with event organizers and partnering with Priceline for travel bookings, Oli’s dream of a one-stop platform for action sports is coming to fruition. Now you’re able to book flights, hotels, and eventually event tickets in one location. It’s the same concept that’s made companies like Trip Advisor and Priceline major players in the everyday trip planning world that is the internet. Oli’s vision, however, is built specifically for the action and adventure sports enthusiast.

“We called it Rad Season by the notion that ‘it’s always the season somewhere,’ “ Cowan says. “So whether you’re going to a music festival in the Alps, a surf contest in Hawaii, or a camel race in the Australian Outback; we want to be the one-stop shop for adventurous booking.”

There is simply something for everybody. Marathoners, surfers, snowboarders, music festival goers, and everyone in between. When Oli was out-and-about traveling the globe, he felt the details and content surrounding some of these major festivals and events were a bit lackluster. He wanted to promote intriguing, detailed content on these events so that the consumer was well-informed and ready to go.


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