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The Inertia

Many argue that “surf” and “commercial” don’t ever belong in the same sentence. And in many ways, I agree. They seem counterintuitive, and it feels hypocritical. However, to an extent, surf is commercial these days, and there is no denying it. While the pursuit remains pure and simple for those who decide to make it pure and simple, the sport at large has reached a level of widespread popularity where many contests are no longer mere community gathering but have become mainstream events broadcast and streamed around the world.

And this growth reflects what is happening in said world. Earth is a smaller place with advancements in technology and travel. Because of that, we must work together to protect our individual interests and pursuits, such as surfing.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surf for yourself — what you choose to do is up to you, and, quite frankly, you should surf for yourself. Just know that there are many people to thank for being able to surf for yourself, and that maintaining that inherent respect is important for you, them, and us. This commercial gets that, and that is the very reason this is the greatest surf commercial ever, however cringeworthy “surf commercial” reads.

The backstory, via the YouTube description: “Created in partnership with the World Surf League, this story takes us through the mind of the whole surfing community. It shows how we are all connected, intrinsically co-dependent, and tied together for better and for worse. The film features pro surfers Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Sally Fitzgibbons and Malia Manuel, along with a combination of individuals, who define what surfing is and will be. No individualism here, no ego, no celebration of one hero. In surf, as in technology, one cannot reach the next level alone. Without the people around us, without “We”, without “Us”, “I” is nothing. Together, we make each other better. Together, we push, we inspire, we challenge and redefine each other. We Are Greater Than I.”



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