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The Inertia

It’s estimated that more than $1 billion worth of cargo comes through the 7,500 acre waterfront complex known as the Port of Los Angeles, so it’s not far fetched to acknowledge that there is a lot of history here. So starting this year one of the Port’s 100 year old pier’s will be getting a makeover in the form of transforming into a massive marine research campus.

It will be called AltaSea, and the first phase of renovations taking place here are expected to be finished as early as next year. Meanwhile, plans to turn this section into the Port of Los Angeles into its own Wharf/business plaza rivaling San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf will extend well into the next decade. That includes everything from building an Education Plaza to 180,000 square feet of old warehouses, as well as creating a new Research and Business Hub. That space will be focused on “commercializing scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies,” all while a Science hub scheduled to finish in 2020 serves as a research center for as many as 22 major universities, colleges and foundations.

The final phase of the “Campus of Innovation” is scheduled to finish renovations by 2023. “AltaSea will be a campus dedicated to finding ocean-related solutions to our most pressing challenges: food security, energy security and climate security. Our campus, brilliantly designed by Gensler, is flexible, dynamic and inclusive – allowing us to embrace bold new ideas and opportunities that unfold as we explore the ocean,” said AltaSea Executive Director Jenny Krusoe. “In keeping with this ethos, the iconic design of our Engagement Center will inspire the diverse communities surrounding the Port to connect with the ocean in new ways to promote a balanced and sustainable life.”

So what’s the final price tag on these next seven years of renovations at the Port of LA? Well phase one, which is expected to break ground this year, is going to run a $150 million tab.


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