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For sale? For shame. Photo courtesy of Nick Hounsfield

For sale? For shame. Photo courtesy of Nick Hounsfield

The Inertia

There have been rumors for a while that the iconic South Coast beach village of Bantham is to be sold. Last week, a press launch catapulted this quiet jewel into the spotlight.

Bantham is a private, family-owned beach and estate. Until now. Rumors are afoot of Russian billionaires and commercially savvy developers moving in to snap up this precious coastal gem.

Bantham estate has been in the same family for many generations. Their ethos has always been to allow Bantham to remain a place of outstanding beauty and to keep the beach and its surroundings as wild and natural as can be. The Estate has consistently set its face against commercialization of the beach.

Although opposed to undue commercialism, the company is now selling Bantham Estate and there are great fears around who will be the new landlord and what their commercial interests in the land will be. In the UK, we have the National Trust, custodians of heritage and natural land in the UK and 985 square miles, 2550 km² of coastline. There are quiet hopes that they may be able to step in and protect this beach and village from commercial opportunism.

An organization is in place to help the National Trust secure this land through crowd funding. More can be found out here: or follow @banthamUK on Facebook and Twitter. It would be great to see this beach and village sustainably preserved.

Bantham for Sale


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