The Inertia for Good Editor

The Inertia

Nobody wants to be a test dummy for shark repellant technology. That’s probably the reason they tacked the word “dummy” onto the end of the phrase in the first place. But testing the waters against an animal that may or may not take your leg off isn’t exactly going to get a lot of volunteers.

So, meet Bernie. Bernie has no fear. You can stuff his pants full of bait, sit him on a soft top smack dab in a school of Bull sharks, and he’ll face impending doom like a savage. Bernie is fearless. Or a dummy. One of the two.

Now, for every magnetic technology that’s said to work in repelling sharks there’s rarely more than a few graphics to demonstrate a product in action. And if you really want to prove something is going to keep sharks from nibbling on your feet then why not take on the grumpiest, most aggressive fish out there – the Bull shark? They’re regularly found in shallow waters and even in fresh water. Basically, a lot of places that have tons of people splashing around in the water are where you’ll also find Bull sharks. That, mixed with their aggression, leads to a lot of attacks by Bulls.

And that brings us back to Bernie. He has a wearable band (Sharkbanz) wrapped around his ankle and zero fear. It’s the first time anybody’s filmed a successful test between a Bull shark and a wearable shark deterrent. Lucky Bernie.


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