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The Inertia

Paying the bills. It’s the number one reason most surfers aren’t spending sun-up to sun-down in the ocean 365 days a year. But while in this day and age an individual can rarely trade in real world responsibilities for nonstop surf, there are plenty of ways (and reasons) you don’t have to follow the beaten path. And you’ll find that if you are brave enough to stray from the common office job there are some solid benefits in a world that allows more and more people to work remotely.

1. You will be location independent. 

I think this one explains itself, right? You’re a surfer. Surfers need waves. You can work from your trusted laptop anywhere in the world, so long as your batteries are charged and you can get wifi. So why not work near the waves. Digital nomads – 1. Day jobs – 0.

2. The tides and time wait for no man. 


Tides can be super moody and they will drastically impact the waves you get on a given day for better or for worse. For instance, my own regular experience with Tonel on low tide? Forget it. “Todo feshado, meu,” aka, “Just close outs man.” But just three hours later this could be a very different story.

Because of this, knowing the rhythm of the tide and the times of its highs and lows is very important. That is, of course, if you want the very best surf conditions (and I’m pretty sure you do). So find out which beaches work best on which tides in order to score your best waves consistently. Don’t forget the biggest tidal variations occur monthly around the new and full moons, and yearly with spring tides.

For people who aren’t tethered to an office job, it’s a case of surf now, work later. Vamos surfar!

Digital nomads – 2. Day jobs – 0.

3. You’re going to find like-minded work mates.  


Buzz off new ideas? All that creative energy? Interesting conversations? Meeting different people, especially that blue-eyed, brown-haired hottie with the masters degree in marketing who sits over by the…you get my point. Co-working is ace! Get that new start-up going asap with all those handy skillful people around you. Digital noma…ok again, you get the point.

4: You’ll seek out inspirational settings to do your work.

How’s it going there in that office cubicle? That little gray box inside that bigger gray box we call an office building. Can you see a window? Is there plenty of natural light? If you can see out of the window, do you just see more gray boxes? “Freeeeeeeeeeeedom.” I hear you cry.

Traveling broadens the mind. I’m pretty sure it’s good for the soul too. Go outside, breathe the fresh air. Go to a new country, breathe in the culture. Go and get inspired. Do something amazing and impactful.

Furthermore, scientific studies have proven the mental and physical benefits of being outside in a natural environment. Taking a short break from work and going outside has multiple positive impacts on a person. It helps clear the mind, reduces stress, lowers the heart rate, relieves muscular tension caused by sitting at a desk, increases oxygen flow in the bloodstream and allows for better brain function. So not only does it increase health but it also increases productivity. Winner. Not to mention the inspirational beauty provided by nature’s bounty. Have you ever seen the sunset in Sagres? Mind = blown.

5: Earthing.

Have you ever heard this one? No? Well, read on. It’s the contemporary (pseudoscience!?) idea that walking barefoot on the Earth’s surface can make you feel better. If it sounds a bit ‘far out’ just kick off your shoes and go try it.

The way it works is by transferring energy from the Earth, via contact with the ground, to you. The positive energy is said to take away negative energy, simply replacing it with positive energy. You have more energy and have a feeling of good well-being and happiness.


I may be getting a bit hippy with this idea but there is something to the idea. Or maybe there isn’t, but whatever. Cosmic energy from the Earth? I don’t know but I will keep an open mind. I do know one thing, though. It feels nice to take your shoes off and feel the grass and sand beneath your feet. That in itself is a pleasurable experience.

To connect this Earthing idea further to the act of surfing, think of the taboo of wearing your shoes with your wetsuit while walking down a trail or cliffside. It’s a surefire way to end up on @kookoftheday. This unwritten rule means that surfers have lots of barefoot time. We have plenty of time to re-energize through the practice of Earthing.

These are my five of many reasons why surfing and location independent co-working work so well together. Can you think of any others? Feel free to comment below and spread the knowledge.


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