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Brush Your TeethIf you’re a surfer with a day job, you’ve no doubt been there before. It’s Monday night and the swell forecast looks promising for tomorrow; it looks to last one day, so the fact that you’ve got a company-wide meeting at 9 AM isn’t going to stop you.

You cut a few corners on your morning routine. You’re up before the sun. You throw your suit jacket and tie on a hanger in your back seat and grab your toiletries for the road. As 8:30 AM rolls around, you’re sprinting back to your car. You’re cutting it close, but it was worth it. No matter what else happens today, you’ve been more active than most people will be all day, and they aren’t even awake.

Now you gotta hustle so that you can keep the job that puts gas in your car. A quick rinse in the beach side shower will do, because hell, “the beach” was almost a Calvin Klein scent. There is one bit of hygiene, however, that cannot be taken lightly: brushing your teeth. So you’ve brought your trusty toothbrush and toothpaste and you scrub away at your chompers beside your car. Luckily, you have a swig of water left to rinse it all out. You are master of your domain!

That very situation (along with some other adventures sleeping on beaches, boardwalks, and other unlikely places) inspired an entire community for unlikely brushers. Having an eye for subtly hilarious moments, my friend Derek Elliot began snapping pictures of these seemingly innocuous moments. How could he know that once he posted them in a Facebook album titled “People Brushing Their Teeth In Places Other Than The Sink” that heaps of photos from would come barreling in? Elliot is confident this movement will continue to grow but not without your help. Nothing wrong with getting creative with your hygiene.


So if you find yourself brushing your teeth while, I don’t know, getting barreled, duck-diving, trying to take off your booties, or rolling a grom in the sand, please take a photo….and submit it here. Happy brushing!

Snowboarders brush their teeth...surfers should too.

Snowboarders brush their teeth...surfers should too.

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