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The Inertia

In Calgary, skateboarding was a crime. Well, kind of. For the past 30 years, the city upheld a ban on backyard skateboard ramps, making them illegal. That is, until June when the city council voted 10 to 5 to remove the ban they said unfairly targeted skateboarders.

While not all are happy about the lifting of the ban, some claiming the clanging and banging to be intolerable, one tiny sunglasses wielding teen was especially cheerful. In a first try Fridays of sorts, the teen completes a backside boardslide, straight into an interview – conveying he is, “so stoked, my dudes”– and then right into a dab (with a “skrrt” for extra style points). This may be one of the best post-heat interviews we’ve ever seen.

Hopefully it doesn’t drum up the same fears we saw years ago about college kids regularly getting stoked.


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