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Everyone loves Kelly Slater. Everyone loves Will Ferrell. And everyone loves Robert Redford, especially your Mom.

Ol’ Sundance is trying to reconnect the Colorado River, which, due to human intervention, is in pretty dire straits right now. According to the website that was designed to raise ten million dollars for the plan, adding less than 1% of the river’s annual flow would put us on our way to “restoring 2,300 acres of forest and marsh along a70-mile stretch of river, generating rural economic activities and job opportunities for local people, including river restoration, tourism, recreational hunting, and sport and commercial fisheries.”

Ferrell, however, is more concerned with the plight of the surfer – especially the American professional surfer. He’s got a different plan: Move the Ocean. Slater’s all in.

Nah, he’s in Redford’s corner. Try and donate to Move the Ocean.org, and you’re donating to RaisetheRiver.org. Tricked ya!


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